Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lado Pochkhua

'The Art of Returning Home'
Portfolio presentation and exhibition @ Arci Gallery

Lado Pochkhua, born in Sokhumi, Georgia, lives and works in New York. Pochkhua mainly works in painting, often using private family albums or photographs from his friends’ archives, flea markets, bookstores and antique shops as a draft for his artworks. These photographs have had a dramatic impact on his works. For Pochkhua the 20th century private photography is characterized by an amazing similarity of themes. With his works he makes a record of collective space across years, nations and wars. His motivation is both the desire to give anonymous photographs a second life and to project the future through the artistry of the not-so-remote past.

Curated by: Nini Palavandishvili


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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kote Jincharadze

Presentation of artworks @ Arci Gallery

Kote Jincharadze, born in 1962 in Georgia, lives and works in Tbilisi, Georgia. 1985 he graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Since 2001 he is a Professor at the Faculty of Design of the Academy. Jincharadze is a conceptual artist mainly working with objects, photography and performance. The main theme in his artworks is the system of values. He is concerned with different objects, hierarchy of positions/attitudes, and physical and spiritual parameters. His art reflects the merging of material and spiritual settings. The artist is a founder of ‘Arteli Ratcha’ foundation, which has been successfully organizing and hosting contemporary art workshops in the village of Chkvishi in the Ratcha region, Georgia. Jincharadze has been participating in many national and international shows in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Switzerland and Turkey. In 2005 he was a curator of the international art convention “Art-Caucasus” in Tbilisi.

Curated by: Nini Palavandishvili


Monday, January 26, 2009

Goga Jafaridze

Portfolio presentation and exhibition @ Arci Gallery

22-23-24 დეკემბერს 2008 წლის, არსის საგამოფენო დარბაზში სახელოვნებო გაერთიანება ,,არქიდრომმა" წარმოადგინა გოგა ჯაფარიძის გამოფენა ,, ტექსტებზე აგებული ნახატები ბაზელის ძველმანების ბაზრობაზე ნაპოვნი წიგნიდან".
გამოფენა წარმოადგენდა დიდი ფორმატის გრაფიკულ და ფერწერულ ნამუშევრებს, რომლებიც ობიექტების სახით არის დამონტაჟებული სივრცეში. ამ ნამუშევრებით მხატვარი აკვირდება ადამიანს - მისი ანთროპოლოგიიდან, მისივე მორაულ ფიზიოლოგიამდე.

Goga Japaridze, born in 1971 in Tbilisi, Georgia, lives and works in Tbilisi. He graduated from the Faculty of Painting of the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Japaridze completed land art and art therapy courses in Germany and Switzerland, where he also realized several projects and participated in exhibitions. Of particular note among his recent works is the “Kari” (Door) project presented in Tbilisi, a solo show in Ebersberg, Germany, and a social project in Dinhard, Switzerland. Since 2007 Japaridze has been teaching at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts.

Curated by: Sophia Kilassonia